Virolens brings the lab to the field


Virolens is designed for mass screening & immediate diagnos cs at the point-of-care. Unparalleled for speed and accuracy, Virolens uses the power of physics over chemistry to detect COVID in 20 seconds and does not require a laboratory. Other tests, including PCR and an gen, rely on chemistry to detect COVID.

Virolens is also more environmentally friendly because it does not use toxic chemicals and the test cartridges are 100% recyclable.

Science matters

Identifying & screening COVID-19 patients quickly and effectively is critical to keeping the world open, economies booming and people living their lives freely and safely. Virolens is the solution.

Virolens is a rapid screening system that can be used at almost any location. From schools to offices - airplanes to factories, Virolens creates a biosecure environment.

Virolens identifies positive cases before someone is contagious.

Technology matters

Inside the Virolens machine is a holographic microscope designed to look at nanoscale structures. When a sample is inserted into the machine, different light streams are projected to create identifiable diffraction patterns. Using artificial intelligence, the machine analyses the sample and compares it to the unique pattern of the virus, giving a clear positive or negative result. All of this happens in approximately 20 seconds.

98.1% sensitivity, 99.7% specificity, 96.4% PPV, and 99.9% NPV

The Virolens test journey


The Virolens system uses a mouth swab, which is placed inside a cartridge & inserted into the system. The Virolens system is a portable floor- standing device.


Inside the Virolens system is a holographic microscope designed to look at nano-scale structures. Light is projected onto the slide creating identifiable diffraction patterns.


The holographic image data is analysed using AI to identify the unique pattern of the virus from other cells very quickly.


The Virolens system is completely self-contained and can give a yes/no result in around 20 seconds with the whole process taking about 1 minute.


From swab to results, the entire test takes approximately two minutes, all while you are watching.


A new application of existing technologies

Virolens is a brand-new screening device which combines microscopic holographic imaging & artificial intelligence (AI) software technology.

Fast and easy

The system does not require a trained biologist to determine the results.
It takes approximately 20 seconds to get a clear positive or negative.


Virolens has a 98.1% sensitivity and 99,7% specificity.


Virolens does not rely on chemicals or laboratories that are always in short supply, especially during waves of infection. Instead, we start with volumes then work backwards to determine how many machines are needed. Generally, one machine can handle 120 tests per hour with two operators to maximise output.


The samples from the screening process are contained inside the collection bin.
If sealed in the cartridge, all virus are dead within 72 hours.

Able to collect anonymised data

The system collects anonymised data which can be interrogated to understand the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). In simple terms, Virolens machines are geo-tagged and can be used to identify hot spots of infection, further helping to stop the spread of COVID.

Future proof software

The system can detect virus patterns as they evolve and change, meaning it will remain effective. In the case of COVID, that means Delta, Omicron and whatever comes next will be unable to hide. The AI technology deployed in the Virolens system can be trained to detect virus patterns as they evolve and change, including the detection of other diseases. iAbra maintains close monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 variants and software updates are provided as needed.

Applicable to other diseases

Currently the system is trained to look for and recognise COVID-19 but we are working to include other enveloped viruses & respiratory diseases using the same AI technology.

Virolens detects COVID today;
Tomorrow it detects all enveloped viruses and respiratory disease.



Protect and Care is the exclusive distributor for Virolens in Europe. Protect and Care has secured the rights to bring the Virolens® testing units to the whole of Europe, EEA and Overseas territories.
Whilst Protect and Care is bringing the Virolens® solution to the market, our core focus is to provide essen al services to facilitate its distribution and use.
Over the comming months we will be announcing:

  • Consulting services
  • Systems integration into existing environments
  • Managing Virolens® and other testing, in combination with official government applications.
  • Management of Virolens® machines, accessories and other data analytics
  • Customised App development for clients specific needs
  • Managed services
  • Courses

about IABRA

Founded in 2010, iAbra’s focus is deriving u lity from the evergrowing amounts of sensor data in the world.

Artificial intelligence is moving from the cloud to embedded applications. This is enabling a wide range of use cases including automotive, defence, manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture.

Machine Learning ecosystems have been built mostly on GPU's for the cloud, where neural networks are generally very large & inefficient. These cloud-based neural networks & power-hungry GPU’s make the AI use cases requiring embedded inference more difficult or impossible to engineer. The FPGA’s efficiency and low power consumption are better able to deliver embedded applications.

iAbra’s tools ensure that efficient neutral networks are created and optimised for embedded FPGA silicon, delivering low power AI inference for a variety of applications.


TT Electronics is a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications. With around 5.000 employees operating from 30 key locations around the world, TT designs and manufactures a wide range of electronics for sensing, power management and connectivity primarily for applications in the industrial, medical and aerospace and defence sectors.


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Virolens: Pre-presentation

Protect and Care heeft de rechten verworven om de Virolens®-testunits in heel Europa, de EER en de overzeese gebieden op de markt te brengen... …


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Please note that Virolens may not be available, or be able to be advertised in all contries due to local regulatory authority approvals.
Certifications are currently underway in most European geographies and are being managed by our distributer network.
Please contact for country availability.